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Special Times

The final days of our pet's life are difficult. As the totality of his or her life comes into focus, there is the awareness of how perfectly they have loved us. By putting them first during this time, we can make their last days poignant and peaceful, returning to them a bit of the pure and perfect love they have always given to us. 

Whether you are considering hospice care or putting your animal to sleep, Pets at Peace can help during this special time.

Comfort and Compassion for a special feline

Dr. Doffermyre comforts Little Kitty and her Mom. 

Euthanasia: Euthanasia may be performed in your home, under your pet's favorite tree, or beside his favorite swimming hole.  The fee for the procedure is $225.00.00 for cats and small dogs, $250.00 for medium to large dogs . For pets near or over 90 pounds. the fee is $275.00. For pets over 100 pounds, special arrangements are needed. The Form for Euthanasia Authorization, is required as the first step. The Euthanasia Authorization Form may be may be downloaded by clicking this link here in Microsoft Word or here as a PDF or one can be brought to you.  This original form is required and will be picked up at the time of the appointment.  The payment and paperwork are attended to first so that full attention may then be given to your pet.  Please give some thought to how you wish to honor your pet's body after he or she has passed. In some areas, burial is a possibility; city, county, and subdivision ordinances apply and you should make certain that burial is an option. Cremation is a common option in coastal areas due to the high water table.

Euthanasia Evaluation: Sometimes it is hard to know if now is the right time for euthanasia. When the complementary consult with Dr. Doffermyre is inconclusive, some families request an evaluation first.  After a physical exam is performed on the pet, Dr. Doffermyre will discuss available options, if any, that would be in the best interest of the pet. The  Form for Euthanasia Evaluation may be downloaded by clicking this link here in Microsoft Word or here as a PDF. The fee for this service is $125.00. 

Hospice: The first step when hospice care is being considered is to utilize the initial complimentary consult with Dr. Doffermyre.  The purpose of the consult is to determine if hospice care is a possibility for your pet. If so, a home visit is scheduled to examine your pet, and if the exam confirms the viability of hospice care, then a care plan will be developed which works for you, your family and your pet. The initial visit, the plan and how to implement the plan (how to give fluids, how to change bandages, how to move or cleanse your pet painlessly, etc) is $240.00.  Initial follow up phone calls are included in the plan to discuss any concerns or questions you might have.  Additional home visits are $120.00 and are scheduled if the need arises. 

The Hospice Registration Form may be downloaded here in Microsoft Word, or here in PDF format, or one may be brought to you. This form is required in hard copy, i.e., printed and signed.  The Patient History Form may be downloaded here in Microsoft Word to complete  and returned via email attachment or postal mail. A paper form may also be mailed to you. The patient history is essential to making the most of the initial hospice visit. If you do not have Microsoft Word, and you believe that time is of the essence, you can view it in PDF Format here and use it as a quide to answer the questions in an email. ($15.00 transcription fee applied.)

Cremation:  Dr. Doffermyre has visited the two area crematorium to ensure that pets are handled respectfully throughout the process. The fees are based on the weight of your pet and whether or not you wish to have the ashes returned (private cremation) or a communal cremation with the ashes being spread on area farms. Dr. Doffermyre  will provide a price quote for you when she knows more about your pet and your desires. She is able to transfer your pet to the crematorium if you wish. 

Service Area:  Communities served in North Carolina include:  Wilmington, Burgaw, Hampstead, Jacksonville, Shallotte, Rose Hill, Wrightsville Beach, Kure Beach, Carolina Beach, Long Beach, Oak Island and Leland.

Don't see your community listed? Give us a call: 910-805-4500. Dr. Doffermyre will travel beyond these communities if no veterinarian is available to help you.

Regular Hours of Service:  Monday - Friday 8am-6 pm and Saturday until noon.  After hours, weekend and emergency appointments are available. (Surcharges apply.) 

Travel Fees: Travel fees are incurred when the location is 30 miles one way  from Wilmington and are calculated when the appointment is booked.

Complimentary Consults: You are not alone!  Please call or email if you have any concerns about your pet.